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Sankalp  School of design

We are a group of enthusiastic Architects & Designers dedicated towards developing the next generation students to be ready for the industry with right set of tools and skills to support the core subject knowledge We prepare the students for the job roles available in the industry by customizing the courses according to the requirement of the industry. 

We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. Our faculty are passionate about the subjects they teach and bring this enthusiasm into their lessons. 

Job Oriented Curricullum

Best Design Institute in Kanpur

Are you a beginner, expert, or somewhere in between? Not to worry! We offer a variety of high-quality courses designed to prepare you for your next step. We offer placement tests to help match you to your skill level.Each Student taking up a full course would be entitled to apprenticeship in a leading company relevant to his expertise and we at SANKALP - School Of Design would groom and assist all students to crack the opportunities that come your way.

We are constantly in touch with the industry and upgrading our courses according to the requirements

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Learning The Practical way!!!

Design Institute in Kanpur

SANKALP - School of Design is the best Design Institute in Kanpur and have customized the complete syllabus to be learnt the Experimental way, yes you learn better when you work all the way into the course. Practical Experience is the key factor for fresher to get a job and that is what we aim at, preparing students for the real world scenario with handson experience in different subjects. 

Key features:

  • Workshops
  • Lab work
  • Site visits
  • Seminars
  • Event participation
  • Work on live projects
  • Interaction with leading professionals.